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The first World Nomad Games

More than 350 participants from 18 countries flocked to the shores of Kyrgyzstan’s Issyk-Kol Lake for the six-day event.
16 September 2014

Kazakhstan’s enduring nomadic legacy

An early morning visit to Uzun Agach’s stockyard reveals how livestock remain vitally central to traditional culture – for city and country dwellers alike.
30 August 2013

Holy ground in post-Soviet Kazakhstan

Built entirely of wood using no nails more than a century ago, Zenkov Cathedral was re-consecrated following independence and is now an active place of worship.
28 August 2013

On the road: Inner Mongolia, China

Experience nomadic culture in the remote Mongolian grasslands, where life in a traditional ger camp is surprisingly rich.
01 May 2013

On holiday in North Korea

Take a trip to the East Asian hermit kingdom to discover firsthand the land and its people behind the headlines.
Read more… 27 March 2013

On the road: Kyrgyzstan

Experience the country's varied offerings, from drinking fermented horse milk in Central Asia's biggest market to enjoying local hospitality on a homestay near the Uzbekistan border.
20 February 2013

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