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Mini Guide

Mini guide to culture on the Amalfi Coast

In this this southern Italian favourite, architectural flights of fancy and outdoor concerts make for a break well worth writing home about.
Read more… 25 April 2013

Nine culture-filled weekends in Europe

Delve deeper into the corners of the continent that helped inspire writers, musicians, artists and Vikings.
Read more… 05 February 2013


Rome’s carnival of horses

Running from 2 to 12 February, Rome’s recently revamped Carnival has become a highlight on the city’s calendar, especially for fans of equestrian sport.
Read more… 01 February 2013

In Italy, San Marino stays true

Despite being surrounded by Italy, one of the world’s smallest countries retains its distinct Sammarinese culture.
Read more… 15 August 2012

Beyond the Headlines

10 sites of religious pilgrimage

As Lumbini, the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, is threatened by development, we take a look at several awe-inspiring centres of worship that draw devotees from all around the world.
Read more… 20 January 2012

Tuscany's medieval-style festival

Siena’s Il Palio features a series of colourful pageants, and most famously, a wild bareback horse race around Piazza del Campo.
Read more… 13 September 2011

Roll cameras! Visiting Venice for the film festival

The prestigious Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world; it has been running annually since 1932.
Read more… 23 February 2011

Top five parties at the 2011 Venice Carnevale

Raise your glasses and loosen your corsets: Venice Carnevale offers an extra weekend of parties in 2011, extending the city's marathon pre-Lent celebrations to three weeks.
Read more… 18 February 2011

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