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Whisky endeavours on the Isle of Islay

Raise a glass this May to the island’s famous export during the weeklong Islay Festival of Music and Malt.
Read more… 21 May 2012

Scotland’s summer festivities

From Edinburgh’s Beltane Fire Festival, which commemorates the end of winter, to the country’s famous Highland games, the warm months are full of Celtic tradition.
04 May 2012

Glasgow, Scotland’s culture capital

Ten years after becoming a European Capital of Culture, Glasgow remains an epicentre of contemporary visual and performing arts, and a leader in design and architecture.
Read more… 03 May 2012

Worldwide Weird

Up Helly Aa, Shetland’s festival of fire

During this combustible holiday, costumed men carry nearly 1,000 torches through Lerwick, Scotland, in a procession that ends with the burning of a Viking-style ship.
Read more… 24 January 2012

Edinburgh: Not just a pretty festival

Edinburgh Festival is actually a host of festivals in the summer that celebrate art, books, politics, music, theatre, dance, food, spirituality and pretty much everything in between.
Read more… 13 August 2010

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