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Where is the seventh Celtic nation?

Galicia, an autonomous region on Spain’s rugged northwestern coast, is home to ancient relics, pagan myths and a vibrant, living history unlike anywhere else in the world.
22 January 2014

The ancient Spanish ritual of baby jumping

A centuries-old tradition held each June in the small town of Castrillo de Murcia involves jumping over mattresses of baptised infants to cleanse their original sin.
18 June 2013

Mini Guide

Mini guide to culture in Seville

Its mixed architecture and celebrated flamenco make Andalucía’s largest city one of passion, history and irresistible charm.
Read more… 16 May 2013

Malaga’s coming of age

After decades of favouring the Andalucían cities of Granada, Córdoba and Seville, travellers are starting to realise what they are missing.
Read more… 21 February 2013

Seville’s legendary flamenco scene

With Unesco recently listing flamenco as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, here are some of the best places to see the precious art in the land of its genesis.
Read more… 08 November 2012

Under-the-radar cultural destinations

For every well-trodden favourite there is a lesser-known city worth discovering.
06 November 2012

France and Spain’s centuries-old celebration of peace

In 1375, villagers of the Franco-Spanish borderlands along the Pyrenees mountains settled their differences with a treaty and magnanimous feast. That pact is still celebrated today
Read more… 26 July 2012

The Passport blog

Human pyramids in Catalonia

On summer weekends, daring “castellers” construct extraordinary human towers in Barcelona’s city centre.
Read more… 14 June 2012

Bullfighting in Catalonia: The death of Barcelona’s ring

In Spain, Catalonia’s regional parliament voted to ban bullfighting from 2012. Should you go before la fiesta is over?
Read more… 27 September 2010

Spain's La Tomatina festival

The 25 August celebration is a frenzied, cheerful, anarchic tomato-throwing battle.
Read more… 24 August 2010

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