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Life in Zambia’s lush Luangwa Valley

Spread over four national parks, this remote African valley is home to 60 animal species, including buffalo, elephants, lions and hippos and the unique Thornicroft's giraffe.
14 March 2013

The Passport blog

Recycled cooking oil powers transatlantic flights

Dutch airline KLM has begun powering commercial flights from New York to Amsterdam with an eco-friendly fuel mix that includes oil used in Louisiana restaurants.
Read more… 11 March 2013

Kick back on a kibbutz

From eco villages to rural holiday resorts, one of Israel’s most influential ideas has had to change with the times.
Read more… 08 March 2013

Beyond the Headlines

Which countries deserve your money?

The 2013 list of the World’s Best Ethical Destinations gives travellers guidance on where their dollar is most needed and best spent.
Read more… 23 January 2013

Gorilla spotting in the Republic of Congo

After years of disease and civil war, the Central African nation is safe, stable and open to trailblazing visitors in search of the ultimate jungle experience.
Read more… 18 January 2013

Beyond the Headlines

Rental cars go electric

Eco-conscious travellers are increasingly able to hire electric cars on holiday, both reducing their travel emissions and getting the chance to drive one of these vehicles.
Read more… 14 January 2013

The new 'Australian made'

From Queensland to Tasmania, local artisans are reintroducing both handcrafted items and an age-old bespoke service, resulting in unique souvenirs for the discerning traveller.
Read more… 02 January 2013

Why an elephant might help you spot a tiger in India

With only 1,200 tigers left in the country’s wild, spotting the elusive animal can be difficult with a convoy of safari vehicles.
Read more… 31 December 2012

The Passport blog

Airports doing more to go green

Hubs across the globe are striving to reduce their carbon footprint – as well as their running costs – by installing wind turbines and solar power systems and reducing emissions.
Read more… 21 December 2012

Peru's lost world

Stretching 6,400km through South America, the mighty Amazon harbours mystical legends that lure travellers deeper into the jungle.
13 December 2012

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