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The new 'Australian made'

From Queensland to Tasmania, local artisans are reintroducing both handcrafted items and an age-old bespoke service, resulting in unique souvenirs for the discerning traveller.
Read more… 02 January 2013

The Passport blog

Airports doing more to go green

Hubs across the globe are striving to reduce their carbon footprint – as well as their running costs – by installing wind turbines and solar power systems and reducing emissions.
Read more… 21 December 2012

Peru's lost world

Stretching 6,400km through South America, the mighty Amazon harbours mystical legends that lure travellers deeper into the jungle.
13 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Eco-traveller

From a repurposed vintage Swiss Army duffle bag to an app for finding charitable acts around the globe, these items will keep eco travellers feeling good as they do some good.
07 December 2012

The Galápagos Islands, a land untouched

Ecuador’s famous archipelago is still a place where animals have the right of way, the exotic is accessible and the pages of a magazine come to life.
Read more… 29 November 2012

Beyond the Headlines

The repercussions of rainforest reduction

While sustainable forestry techniques could reduce rainforest deforestation by millions of acres per year, travellers can also play their part.
Read more… 02 November 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Can hotels be truly carbon neutral?

In the age of the ubiquitous “eco-hotel”, there are a few ways for travellers to gauge how serious a hotel is about reducing its energy use.
Read more… 24 October 2012

Be good to yourself in Chiang Mai

Organic cafes, eco clothing boutiques and wellness retreats are popping up all over Thailand's northern city, inspired by its long-held traditions of massage and arts.
Read more… 16 October 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Are there too many tourists?

With the great monumental sites of the world becoming more easily accessible, important cultural and historical sites are being damaged by poorly managed tourism and overcrowding.
Read more… 03 October 2012

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