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Seoul goes green

Seoul’s eco-initiatives are some of the world’s top examples of progressive urban development, including a project that turned a busy commuter highway into an inner-city oasis.
31 August 2012

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How Antarctica works

The frozen continent has enticed thousands of adventurers to explore its inhospitable geography, who visit in an effort to understand how this strange, harsh place can sustain life.
Read more… 30 August 2012


Rooftop farming in Hong Kong

A 4,000sqft rooftop in the industrial neighbourhood of Ngau Tau Kok is home to HK Farm, which grows organic produce and promotes the consumption of local fruits and vegetables.
Read more… 27 August 2012

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Getting a degree in sustainable travel

As the idea of responsible tourism has taken hold, so too have university programs designed to give students the skills to influence how tourism is managed.
Read more… 22 August 2012

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The planet’s pristine waters

Bodies of water that truly live up to their crystal clear reputation.
Read more… 10 August 2012

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Travellers’ impact on coral reefs

Non-biodegradable sunscreen could be harming the algae that keeps the world’s coral healthy. But many experts say that concern is just a drop in the ocean of more threatening elements.
Read more… 07 August 2012

Switzerland by public transport

A host of schemes – such as rail passes, luggage-forwarding services and electric bikes – make it simple to see the enthralling Swiss countryside without a car.
Read more… 14 June 2012

Switzerland’s habitats in the sky

In Switzerland, practical and stunningly beautiful green rooftops serve to restore a piece of what architecture displaced.
13 June 2012

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Vacationing down on the farm

Farm stays – bunking in barns or farmers’ homes – are mutually beneficial. Travellers discover where their food came from and farmers earn extra income.
Read more… 13 June 2012

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