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The price of protecting paradise in Palau

In an effort to preserve the island nation’s tropical resources, the government is increasing the price of visitor permits to two of its most popular attractions.
Read more… 20 April 2012

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Urban, yet ecological, adventures

The idea of a city vacation may conjure up images of treeless sidewalks and traffic-choked streets, but several US cities get high marks for environmentally friendly initiatives.
Read more… 18 April 2012

America’s greenest cities

The country’s most eco-friendly cities feature plenty of parks, efficient public transit and sustainable restaurants.
18 April 2012

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What Copenhagen can teach the world

While Denmark’s capital may not be perfect, its successes in sustainability and liveability provide teaching points for metropolises across the globe.
Read more… 13 April 2012

Living green in Copenhagen

Denmark is one of the most environmentally-aware countries on earth, and its capital is a showcase of Danish green sentiment.
Read more… 10 April 2012

Gorillas in the mix in Uganda

A number of new initiatives are being put in place in Uganda to help safeguard the country’s environmental future and protect the world’s remaining wild mountain gorillas.
Read more… 06 April 2012

Trekking Uganda’s mountain gorillas

Trek to the depths of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see some of the last remaining wild mountain gorillas at work, rest and play.
06 April 2012

Beyond the Headlines

The world's water bottle woes

Several tourism officials are fighting against the growing waste from plastic water bottles.
Read more… 04 April 2012

Florida’s newest wildlife refuge

This parcel of protected land, an unexpected location for both beauty and an adrenaline-inducing adventure, will help save the Everglades.
Read more… 08 March 2012

Guyana’s path to paradise

The country’s muddy beaches have helped preserve Guyana’s interior, an unspoiled slice of Amazon rainforest.
Read more… 05 March 2012

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