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How to save time and money at Disney

Six trip-planning websites may help you find deals and avoid queues during your next visit to any of the famous Disney parks.
Read more… 16 May 2013

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Disney’s wireless wristbands

Disney World’s landmark new programme, where radio frequency bracelets can function as room key, park ticket and credit card, is raising concerns about privacy and data collection.
Read more… 09 January 2013

Florida’s new theme park thrills

From a speedway that offers your choice of luxury supercars to a 400ft simulated freefall that will have your stomach in knots, Orlando’s new attractions do not disappoint.
Read more… 25 June 2012

Disney's coolest new vacations

From Florida to Alaska, new Disney trips, hotels and experiences meld technology and nostalgia.
28 March 2012

Walt Disney World's most endangered attractions

Several longstanding classics are on the chopping block as the Florida resort battles changing entertainment standards with newer, flashier rides.
Read more… 03 November 2011

Florida with kids

Florida’s Gulf Coast has few crowds, some of the US’s best beaches, abundant wildlife and theme parks too.
Read more… 01 November 2011

Keeping Disney magic afloat

After more than 80 years of entertainment, Walt Disney World and its cruise offerings are getting a major reboot.
Read more… 01 February 2011

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