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9. Sierra Nevada
The Sierra Nevada forms an almost year-round snowy southeastern backdrop to Granada. The upper reaches of the range form the national park, with a rare high-altitude environment that is home to about 2,100 of Spain's 7,000 plant species. The mountains and the Alpujarras valleys comprise one of the most spectacular areas in Spain, and the area offers wonderful opportunities for walking, horse riding, climbing, mountain biking, and in winter, good skiing and snowboarding.

10. Tour La Rioja wine country
Get out the glasses for La Rioja and for some of the best red wines produced in the country. Wine goes well with the region's ochre earth and vast blue skies, which seem far more Mediterranean than the Basque greens further north. The bulk of the vineyards line Rio Ebro around the town of Haro, but extend also into neighbouring Navarra and the Basque province of Alava.

La Rioja wine rolls on and off the tongue with ease, by name as well as taste. All wine fanciers know the famous wines of La Rioja, where the vine has been cultivated since Roman times. The region is classic vine country and vineyards cover the hinterland of Rio Ebro.

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