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Storm chase in Tornado Alley
Tornado Alley stretches between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains, covering central US states such as Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Texas and Nebraska. In spring winds spin wildly at up to 500km/h and Tornado Alley can experience more than 400 twisters. You can join one of the growing number of tornado-chasing tours. Typically, they run for six days, beginning in twister-central Oklahoma City. Using satellite radar imaging, your guides will trace and chase the big storms, delivering you to a box-seat view of twisters or giant thunderstorms. You probably are in Kansas now, Dorothy.

Sandboarding, Oregon
Head to the Oregon town of Florence to turn yourself into sandpaper at the world's first sandboarding park, set in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, the largest expanse of oceanfront dunes in the United States. Sandboarding is like snowboarding for the sun worshipper - the only "down" you need worry about at the 40-acre Sand Master Park is not in your clothing, but the descents you make through this gritty version of powder.

Night dive with manta rays off Big Island, Hawaii
Night-dive operators shine powerful lights on the water, which attracts plankton, which in turn attracts manta rays. Divers have seen up to 10 mantas "performing" their spectacular underwater show. Spanish dancers, sleeping parrotfish, sleeping goatfish and beautiful cowries can all also be found here.

Kayaking Glacier Bay, Alaska
Ten tidewater glaciers that spill out of the mountains and fill the sea with icebergs of all shapes, sizes and shades of blue have made Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve an icy wilderness renowned worldwide. It is also a kayakers' paradise. Using the daily summer tour boat to drop you and your kayak off means your paddling options around Glacier Bay are extensive because you can be put ashore at one of several spots up bay. However you paddle, keep a watch for humpback whales, which are migratory residents here over the summer.

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