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8. Dahab
If you are looking for a slice of Thailand in the Middle East, there is no better place to kick back and slow things down a bit than Dahab. Although it has expanded beyond its humble origins as a beachside hippy colony, Dahab is still ruled by independent travellers. Whether you are looking to dive the Red Sea, trek through the interior or spend most of your days smoking sheesha by the sea, chances are you are going to get stuck here for longer than you planned.

9. Pyramids of Giza
Although they are Egypt's most iconic images, nothing can prepare you for the sense of awe and wonderment you will feel when you first lay eyes on the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Towering over both the urban sprawl of Giza and the desert plains beyond, these ancient monuments are at the top of every traveller's itinerary, and they never fail to amaze. Bring lots of water, an empty memory card, and a lot of patience. Although you will have to fend off lots of touts to enjoy this ancient funerary complex in peace, no trip to Egypt is complete without a visit to Giza.

10. Coptic sites
Seek out one of the many Coptic sites along the Nile, some at least 1,600 years old and still used as churches, convents and monasteries. They tend to be overwhelmed on feast days when thousands of faithful come to pray, but at other times they can be sleepy places full of beauty and fascination, perhaps nowhere more so than Deiral-Muharraq, north of Asyut.

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