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Cloud sourcing: Access your details from anywhere
Do not fuss with saving documents on a portable USB stick (which you could lose) or taking a laptop with you (weight). Store all your files in the "cloud" so you can access them from any internet cafe across the world. It is the best way to travel light. In theory, cloud computing could be something as simple as emailing your travel itinerary to yourself - or sharing it with yourself using something like Google Docs. There are any number of ways to store files and photos: Flickr, Picasa, or Dropbox. All that said, it is still a good idea to keep a hard copy of all your documentation, just in case you cannot get online.

E-books go multidimensional
Pencil this one into the ''we will believe it when we see it" category, but a company called Delta Electronics has announced that it will focus on developing 3D electronic paper in 2011. Think of the possibilities: flexible sheets that can display dynamic holograms while weighing less than a tablet computer.

Xbox Kinect: Hacked for travel?
What does a console gaming device have to do with travel? We are not entirely sure yet, except that there will be new and more interesting ways of integrating the little motion detector/camera unit into travel. Already, clever people have managed to manipulate the device's hardware to make themselves invisible (kinda) and create adorable 3D shadow puppets. What next? 3D travel videos on YouTube? Ultra-interactive displays in museums and galleries? Real-time 3D cameras rigged up in key tourist sights? A Lonely Planet Xbox Kinect game?





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