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9. Yuelai Teahouse, Chengdu
Adjoining Jinjiang Theatre - the best place in Chengdu to watch Sichuan Opera - Yuelai is just an ordinary teahouse for most of the week, but it comes into its own on Saturday afternoons when it holds intimate opera performances on its small stage. Tickets for shows at the theatre can set you back 260 yuan, but at Yuelai Teahouse you can watch Sichuan Opera for 20 yuan.

10. River Viewing Pavilion Park, Chengdu
This little-known park near Sichuan University is dedicated to the celebrated Tang dynasty poet Xue Tao. It is also known for its bamboo, and features over 150 varieties, from bonsai-sized potted plants to towering giants that create comfortable shaded areas for the tea gardens here. Tea and bamboo: it does not get more Chinese than that.

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Correction: A previous version of this article mistated the unit of Chinese currency.

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