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At the harbour you'll find boats aplenty. Maybe you'll even find a captain to take you along the coast to one of the few cities left in Christian hands.

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The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem may have only kept its capital of Acre for a further 19 years after 1272, but any time-travelling knight making a nostalgic return to modern-day Akko, on Israel's Mediterranean coast, will find much of the city they knew still standing. Its ramparts still stand strikingly as a reminder of its strategic importance, and the bustling alleyways of the old city retain a medieval flavour. Elsewhere, much has changed: Ottoman minarets pierce the sky and outside the old city the prosperous Akko is unmistakably modern Israel. The highlight of your visit - apart from Akko's excellent seafood restaurants - will almost certainly be exploring the Knight's Halls, the extraordinary complex of subterranean rooms that made up the bulk of the crusader fortress within the city walls. A particularly thrilling experience is going through the narrow Templar Tunnel running from the port to a crusader palace. Akko is a favourite part of many visits to the Holy Land, offering a well-preserved remnant of crusader and Ottoman eras. In fact, it is fair to say that the modern-day incarnation of the capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem still feels like the promised land.

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Anyone on the trail of the adventuring of medieval knights might also wish to stop off in Rhodes - occupied by the Knights Hospitaller for over 100 years - and Tartus in Syria, which also retains a walled old city.

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The article ‘Travelling to Acre, now and in 1272 AD’ was published in partnership with BBC History magazine.

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