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While the economic downturn sent many buyers back to tried and true places like France and Italy, the stability of Croatia’s entry into the EU and its seductive charms are turning things around in the property market.  “It has been rather quiet for the past couple of years when Croatia went out of focus,” said Cvjetkovic. “But now there are a lot of attractive properties on the market.”

For a two-bedroom apartment in a complex, buyers should be prepared to spend around 250,000 euros, but inland in Istria you can get a villa with a swimming pool for 350,000 euros or less.

Buyers should have their own solicitor to go through all the documents. Now that EU citizens can make purchases the way a Croatian can, it is relatively straight-forward, but may still be difficult for other foreigners.

Be aware that a property may have many, many owners, as they tend to get passed down to all descendents. Cvjetkovic’s family once sold their home in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. “We had to track down family in America and Australia who owned a tiny fraction,” she said. Today, most properties have only one owner only or it is a new build.

Croatia has tried to avoid overdevelopment with varying degrees of success, but their building laws are more conservative than neighbouring Montenegro. The goal is that Croatia will retain the special quality that attracts so many to her in the first place.

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