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Ice cream, other eats and a B&B
Thoroughly cooled and relaxed, we got back in our rental car, now draped with drying swimsuits and towels, and made one last stop for another cool treat — ice cream — before driving back to steamy New York.

Cow-occupied Vermont is touted for its ice cream so if you want to lower your core body temperature, it runs a close second to swimming holes. Ben & Jerry’s, the godfather of independent ice creamery, has its public factory (with tours, gift shop and scoop shop) in Waterbury, just 15 miles south of Bingham Falls and 20 miles north of Warren Falls. Sama’s Cafe in Middlebury, 15 miles south of Bristol Falls and Circle Current, has a window that scoops reasonably priced cones and soft serve (locally known as “creemee”) until 9 pm. Spiral Scoops (15 Bonnet St, Manchester; 802-362-9944), on Route 30, four miles south of Dorset Quarry, serves yummy standards from the local Wilcox Farm.

The Mad Taco is a great spot to take away a hearty and well spiced torta or cubano sandwich and make a picnic for Warren Falls, less than 10 minutes away. Two Brothers Tavern, in Middlebury, serves an excellent Portobello burger, grilled salmon dinner and refreshing local beers like Switchback ale and Otter Creek’s Summer wheat. Bristol Bakery & Cafe, two miles from Bristol Falls and Circle Current, makes excellent sandwiches and bakes their own bagels and bread (on a weekly schedule found on their website).

The Swift House Inn in Middlebury is about as nice a Vermont bed and breakfast you could luck into on short notice (I got the last room a week in advance). The beds were large and comfortable, rooms nicely decorated and plates of delicious cookies are kept filled for guests. Breakfast, part-buffet and part-a la carte, was filling and served on a large porch overlooking the verdant grounds.

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