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From Palmer Street, turn left onto Liverpool Street and head towards Whitlam Square. Turn right onto Charlotte Lane.
After breaking an unspoken agreement regarding territories and gang leaders, Bruhn was led to Charlotte Lane and shot by an unknown assassin at Mack’s, a sleazy cocaine and sly grog den. Bruhn had held up Mack’s shortly prior to his murder.

The Battle of Blood Alley
Walk north to William Street and turn right. Head east until you arrive at Kellet Street.
Site of one of the most bloodthirsty razor gang riots of the period, the Battle of Blood Alley saw Devine’s boys match up against Leigh’s in their endless pursuit of dominance. Kellet Street was a reviled strip of brothels and seedy houses and provided an appropriate backdrop for the 40 strong riot that saw razors, fisticuffs, boots and other weapons wielded against each other. More than a dozen people sustained serious injuries in the riot.

Double back to 99 William Street to finish the tour at the Strand Hotel, where Devine ‘s notorious henchman brazenly shot and killed two of Leigh’s men. Order yourself up a gin and tonic or a double nip of whiskey and ponder the seedy underside of Sydney’s criminal history, where there were seemingly no rules and the clothes were as sharp as the razors.

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