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Caribbean high budget: St George, Bermuda
If you included pink in your wedding colour scheme at all, you will have plenty of pictures to match in your end-of-video honeymoon montage; the pink sand beaches need to be seen to be believed. In fact, to really view the world, and each other, through rose-coloured sunglasses, have dinner on the beach at The Reefs resort in Southampton, and book their afternoon tea as well. Geographically, Bermuda is in the Atlantic, not the Caribbean Sea, and it is just a two-hour flight from New York. But Bermuda’s climate is more Caribbean-like than not — on the warmer side of temperate year-round. And, while there is technically no rainy season, keep in mind that hurricane-type storms are more likely between June and November. Also good to know: despite being a British territory, the US dollar is widely accepted in Bermuda. And yes, you should pack your Bermuda shorts. (Both of you.)

Caribbean low budget: San Juan, Puerto Rico
In San Juan, there is no end to the number of fun, inexpensive activities for honeymooners. With the Acacia Seaside Inn as your home base, you can pull up a lounge chair on nearby Condado Beach or on Pine Grove Beach, and sample street food (and a cerveza) at the kioskos (street carts) in Piñones. Wander along the brick roads past the brightly-coloured facades of Old San Juan and pick up a few souvenirs while you are there. If you find the Puerto Rican capital city too touristy, make your way out of town and into El Yunque National Forest for a waterfall walk. Want an overnight excursion? Fly 25 minutes to Vieques, the main island’s mellow little sister, and explore the bioluminescent bay. With average temperatures only varying by 10 or so degrees throughout the day, San Juan’s weather feels like summer all year long. And you can keep your visit to a long weekend if you are short on time off from work.

Asia-Pacific high budget: Hong Kong
Upbeat couples with an adventurous spirit will meet their match in this sky-high city. With much of the signage in English, Hong Kong works well as an Asia 101 introduction (although, compared to the rest of the continent, you will certainly pay for the privilege to explore it). But outside your hotel, you may be surprised that so few people speak the same language as you (especially for a hurried international business hub). Some tips: hop on the scenic Star Ferry between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula, instead of taking the underground MTR. The Tian Tan Buddha, or Big Buddha as it is often called, on Lantau Island is a must-sightsee. And do not miss the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Flower Market Road or the Hong Kong skyline view from Inakaya restaurant  on the 101st floor of the International Commerce Centre (acrophobics need not apply). While the Mandarin Oriental is often the most talked-about hotel in the city, the Four Seasons is slightly more central. You will want a full week in Hong Kong, and it is best avoided in the summer — when the city suffers from near-suffocating levels of heat and humidity.

Asia Pacific low budget: Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam’s capital is best discovered on foot. It keeps its complex past on display, particularly in its Old Quarter — though you will also not want to skip the French Quarter during your week there. Food and lodging in Hanoi are a steal – couples can pick up traditional banh mi sandwiches for a quick bite on the go and expect a deluxe, honeymoon-friendly hotel — such as the Essence Hotel — for half the price of most western cities. Similar to Hong Kong, Hanoi can heat up to an uncomfortable degree in the summer — but the striking flame trees, with their bold red flowers, do bloom in June. The city is best in November, with pleasant temperatures and few rainy days.

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