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For a full Argentinean cultural outing, La Peña del Colorado, is an amicable, multi-purpose establishment that doubles as a restaurant and concert venue that also has mate on hand to sip through the shows or at any time of the day. Raíces cocina casera con historia in Núñez, home to the famed River Plate soccer club and its stadium, also hosts concerts in its restaurant space. They make their homemade pastas on Sundays and serve mate with medialunas, flaky Argentinean pastries that taste like sweet croissants, throughout the week.

Mate gourds, whether for regular consumption or pure decoration, are characteristic souvenirs from the city. One can purchase mate gourds varying in size and style, including embellishments like metalwork or carving details that incorporate iconic Argentine images such as the flag or tango dancers, at any street fair in Buenos Aires. The weekly blocks-long San Telmo Fair on Sundays always has multiple vendors, as does the Feria Plaza Francia, the outdoor weekend fair adjacent to the Recoleta Cemetery in Plaza Francia.

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Buenos Aires


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