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Relive your youth
Maybe sitting in a field knee deep in mud at Glastonbury Festival in the UK is not a Boomer’s idea of fun, but the old hippy trails in Nepal and India are proving to be. Many Baby Boomers lived through the Vietnam War, now they are increasingly interested in the country and neighbouring Laos, following in the footsteps of students on gap year. Or you could think about joining the grey nomads in their recreational vehicles or Winnebagos winding up the US West Coast or circumnavigating Australia, reliving a much freer age.

STA Travel caters to the young (the ‘S’ stands for “student”), but it also has itineraries for older travellers.

Give something back
The post-Recession market for “voluntourism” is going strong and it is not just the cash-strapped, time-rich youth that want a rewarding challenge. Hundreds of worthwhile projects exist, from supporting schools and vulnerable children in St Lucia to assisting HIV/AIDS suffers in South Africa to clearing up after natural disasters like the Japanese tsunami or the earthquake in Haiti. Whether it is helping build an orphanage in Sri Lanka, nursing orphan elephants in Kenya or studying birds affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, you can give your time to underprivileged people, endangered animals and threatened environments and ecosystems.

Companies like Earthwatch and that have a clear focus on volunteer travel.

Correction: A previous version of this article misnamed Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast. This has been fixed.

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