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If you are not up for lunch, then ask around for the location of the nearest “Lunch Beat”, a trend that started in Stockholm in 2010 and is now spreading around the world. Instead of sitting down for a heavy meal, thousands of locals spend the noon hour dancing and sweating under disco lights in impromptu dance halls set up in parking garages, warehouses or community centres. Then they quietly go back to work.

Off the clock
For an unusually exhilarating walk and birds-eye view of Stockholm’s Old Town, strap on a helmet and clip on climbing gear for a guided rooftop tour of the Old Parliament Building. The tour lasts approximately two hours, is available year-round and is best at dusk when city lights begin to sparkle. If you are a fan of Stieg Larsson’s thrillingly dark Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book and movie series, the Stockholm City Museum offers a popular guided Stieg Larsson Millennium Tour — or just buy a Millennium Map at the museum and tour many of the shadowy spots frequented by character Lisbeth Salander on your own.

Don’t do this
Even though its popularity is diminishing, visitors still think of the traditional smorgasbord (buffet) when they think of Swedish cuisine. When faced with such a spread, do not pile as much food as possible on a single plate. Following the lead of your Swedish hosts, begin with various fish dishes such as herring, eel, salmon or anchovies along with potatoes and crisp bread. Once you have completed that course, go back to the smorgasbord, and -- using a new, clean plate -- sample meats like ham, sausage or pate. For the third round, go back (with another new plate) for warm dishes such as meatballs, roast beef or pork ribs.

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