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Pura vida means different things to different people, but it essentially embodies the Tico philosophy of enjoying life slowly with a strong community, an element of simplicity and an appreciation of one’s natural surroundings. Surfing and yoga on the Nicoya Peninsula embody this philosophy, and people travel from around the world for a taste of it. At the core, both activities value physical and mental strength, respect for nature and one’s body, and the community formed by the growing movement. This movement, and the money that follow it, sustains the philosophy and allows Hill, and others like him, to continue living a life of pura vida. “It's really only a few buildings in the middle of the jungle but has all the creature comforts you might want,” said Hill, who plans on living in Nosara for the rest of his life. “I don't miss friends and family from the UK as, when you live somewhere as nice as this, they all tend to come and visit.”

Tambor’s tiny airport is the key access point to the southern region of the Nicoya Peninsula and is a 30-minute flight from Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose on Costa Rica’s regional airline, Sansa. The airport is little more than a strip of paved blacktop and a chain-link fence with a couple of flights arriving and departing each day.

There are few paved roads on the southern side of the Nicoya Peninsula, making for a white-knuckled ride as you pass through river beds and ditches under the jungle canopy to reach your final destination. There are no (enforced) traffic rules and most locals travel by motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles – usually piling on several people, surfboards and an occasional baby.

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