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Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan
The smell is not so fresh at Tokyo’s fish market, but the flurry of commerce, led by the 5:30 am tuna auction, is a sight to behold. Heaps of big fat slippery blackfin, bluefin, bigeye and longtail tuna, some weighing 300kg, lie on rows of ice alongside poisonous blowfish, scallops and sea cucumbers. Motorised carts whiz down the aisles, workers scurry around with clipboards and seafood-stuffed cartons, band saws hack through the giant tuna, and the slicing, scaling and sectioning of fish carries on apace. Once you have seen it, go eat it at the sushi bars along the market’s edges.

Mustard Museum, US
It is a teeny building in the tiny Wisconsin town of Mount Horeb, but it packs more mustard than you can shake a ballpark’s worth of hot dogs at – 4,600 jars, to be exact. There is horseradish mustard that will singe your nose hair, orange rind and espresso mustard that will wake up your corned beef sandwich and sweet, bubbly champagne mustard that will make your pork chop giggle. Antique tins and other items of great mustard historical importance line the shelves. “Condiment counsellors” spread samples at the back mustard bar.

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