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Nearby Vesuvio Cafe is a Beat-era remnant, with Tiffany lamps and old photos. Kerouac once skipped a meeting with author Henry Miller to drink himself silly here – though not with the tequila, rum and OJ cocktail now dubbed the ‘Kerouac’.

Before leaving town, Sal fulfils his own promise to climb ‘that mountain’. On a beautiful day, surrounded by California cottonwood trees, he looks over the Pacific, back to the city where he imagines ‘beautiful women standing in white doorways’, then east towards the ‘great raw bulge and bulk of my American continent’. That mountain, north of the city, is Mount Tamalpais. Find your own Sal Paradise moment on Mount Tamalpais State Park’s 50 miles of hiking and biking trails, which include a half-mile trip up East Peak. Perhaps at the top, ‘at the end of America’, you’ll find, like Sal, that there’s ‘nowhere to go but back’.

Boutique Hotel Bohème, in North Beach, looks to the Beats for its inspiration, with retro fabrics and ’50s photos (from £125).

San Francisco is 34 hours from Denver by train (from £100); 20 hours (1,300 miles) by car; or a 2.5-hour flight (from £70).

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