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When you enter Lipah’s shop, the self-proclaimed “Bavarian lederhosen king” will likely offer you a beer, reaching into the fridge at the back of the store for a bottle of weiss or dunkel, giving potential customers a dose of Bavarian hospitality as he offers quick quips and outrageous stories, like the time he drove from Germany to Iran wearing nothing but lederhosen the whole way. With a private collection of 300 lederhosen, including a pair from 1820, he is clearly not just in the business for the money.

In fact, Lipah remembers a time when there was no money in traditional clothing.“Thirty years ago, nobody had lederhosen. When I opened in 1982, the normal people say ‘he is crazy’. All the television and radio and newspaper came to me and asked me about the lederhosen,” Lipah said. “This was the beginning for the new lederhosen hurricane. Only music groups and traditional groups wore lederhosen then, but private people never [did].”

Of course, now times have changed, which is good news for Lipah and many other Munich business owners. “People from Australia, America, Africa fly special to Germany to come to my shop,” Lipah said. Seems times are good for the lederhosen king.

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