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Beyond the Headlines

The biggest Carnival to date?

With 2014 marking the first of two very important years for Brazil, BBC Travel went behind the scenes with some of the city’s largest and most popular samba schools.
28 February 2014


Sydney’s epic arts fest returns

The Sydney Festival is back with an even bigger bang, presenting a plethora of new Australian works that will have both Sydneysiders and visitors eager to get in on the action.
Read more… 08 January 2014

Festival lights around the world

From Hogmanay in Scotland to Nepal’s Balachaturdashi, light plays a starring role in holidays across the globe, brightening skies, spirits – and travel itineraries – alike.
24 December 2013


A very Hong Kong festival

From 7 to 15 December, a new event celebrates all that is distinctly Hong Kong – from its cityscape and its culture, to its arts and its food.
Read more… 06 December 2013


A festival of firsts in Sydney

From 14 November, the Australian city’s streets will come alive in a one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates the diversity and strength of Indigenous culture.
Read more… 14 November 2013

Thirsty Explorer

The cheapest stein in Germany

Bavaria’s Dachau Volksfest, a more intimate version of Munich's Oktoberfest, is where the real Bavarians go to party.
Read more… 20 September 2013


Hong Kong’s enchanting homage to the moon

The Mid-Autumn Festival bathes the city in a glow of colour, as lanterns of all shapes and sizes, fiery dragon dances and moon cakes combine to create a magical fairytale land.
Read more… 12 September 2013


Mumbai’s elephantine festival

Starting 9 September, join the millions heading to India’s most populous city to celebrate the birth of the elephant-headed Hindu god of wisdom, Ganesha.
Read more… 09 September 2013

Worldwide Weird

Mobile phones take flight in Finland

As a way to work out the frustrations of modern life, the town of Savonlinna holds an annual Mobile Phone Throwing Competition that recycles old handsets while having a little fun.
Read more… 22 August 2013

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