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Mumbai’s elephantine festival

Starting 9 September, join the millions heading to India’s most populous city to celebrate the birth of the elephant-headed Hindu god of wisdom, Ganesha.
Read more… 09 September 2013

Worldwide Weird

Mobile phones take flight in Finland

As a way to work out the frustrations of modern life, the town of Savonlinna holds an annual Mobile Phone Throwing Competition that recycles old handsets while having a little fun.
Read more… 22 August 2013

Walkabout love in the Negev Desert

An Israeli ashram between two firing ranges hosts a nomadic group of activists, who are spreading the gospel of peace via a unique festival.
16 August 2013

Thirsty Explorer

A little liquid courage in Cali, Colombia

In the self-proclaimed salsa capital of the world, a drink that tastes like embalming fluid mixed with a spot of rum makes it easy to move to the beats of Pacific Colombia.
Read more… 14 August 2013

Worldwide Weird

Balls will roll at a quirky Irish lottery

Every August, the town of Cobh looks like a playroom ball pit gone awry, as thousands of brightly coloured balls bounce down the streets in one of the world’s quirkiest lotteries.
Read more… 29 July 2013

Worldwide Weird

In Canada, a competition for the best bee beard

When it comes to summertime festivals, no event is quite as buzzworthy as Ontario's Clovermead Bee Beard Competition.
Read more… 19 July 2013

Mongolia’s manly games

Every July, Mongolians from every corner of the vast country come together for Naadam, a festival that puts competitors’ bravery to the test.
11 July 2013

Worldwide Weird

Australia’s beer can regatta

Now in its 40th year, Darwin’s annual festival features more than 65 beercan boats, some of which are made of more than 1,500 empty cans.
Read more… 05 July 2013

A fiery cleansing fiesta in Galicia

The Noche de San Juan festival on 23 June celebrates the summer solstice with ceremonial bonfires and a parade of witches.
21 June 2013

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