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Living In

Living in... the world’s top coffee cities

These six cities are known for their top-notch brews and caffeine-focused cultures – perfect for those on an extended stay.
Read more… 23 April 2014

Thirsty Explorer

The Manhattan mistake most people make

After years of being botched, New York’s classic cocktail is back, thanks to the revival of rye whiskey, bitters and bartenders who can put creative spins on the classic.
Read more… 16 April 2014

Worldwide Weird

Five small, strange restaurants

A handful of restaurants across the globe are skipping big dining rooms in favour of more intimate spaces. Of course, staying small does not mean sacrificing substance.
Read more… 12 April 2014

Beyond the Headlines

French food: Not so fresh?

After a survey revealed the prevalence of ready-made restaurant meals in France, restaurateurs and chefs alike are supporting a move towards locally sourced, fresh-made cuisine.
Read more… 03 April 2014

Thirsty Explorer

Inside a post-Soviet wine paradise

Moldovans have been making wine for more than 4,000 years, but the country's bouquets have only recently started to flourish.
Read more… 21 March 2014

Thirsty Explorer

Where beer is cheaper than water

A microbrewing boom in Prague is enticing Czechs to discover new flavours, and when it’s a good brew, each sip invites another.
Read more… 14 March 2014

Thirsty Explorer

Rome’s unwritten epicurean rules

The Italians seem to have life all figured out: eat, sleep, drink, do it again. But each time of day is reserved for a specific activity – and each has a specific purpose.
Read more… 01 March 2014

Thirsty Explorer

Guinness’s new Irish rivals

Since Arthur Guinness first started brewing stout in the late 18th Century, very few other breweries have successfully produced the beer in its ancestral home – until now.
Read more… 27 February 2014

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple

The Big Apple’s history and identity is best explored through its food – dishes given a new home by waves of immigrant communities and turned into New York City icons.
Read more… 31 January 2014

Cooking in the danger zone: Afghanistan

In this video from the BBC archive, Stefan Gates cooks his way around the war-torn country.
Read more… 29 January 2014

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