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Eat your way around Madagascar

Malagasy cuisine is a delightful potpourri of Asian, African and European flavours, and has been elevated to new heights by a string of talented and often French-trained chefs.
Read more… 12 April 2012


Craft beers come to Hong Kong

A new, one-day festival aims to introduce microbrews to a city more accustomed to wine and Chinese liquor.
Read more… 11 April 2012

America’s best wine bars

Toast your next vacation at one of the country’s top-flight wine bars, some of which pair a wide array of vintages with artisanal snacks.
11 April 2012

Baltimore’s beer flows again

Prohibition and industry-wide consolidation dealt a devastating blow to the city’s first manufacturing industry – but nearly 300 years after it began, brewing is making a comeback.
Read more… 10 April 2012

Drinking mate in Buenos Aires

This traditional South American beverage is a cultural cornerstone for Argentines who drink it all day long.
Read more… 09 April 2012


Sydney’s gourmet food safaris

Explore the city and its diverse cultures with these off-the-beaten-path culinary tours, which showcase unique and authentic restaurants, cafes and shops.
Read more… 06 April 2012

The Passport blog

The ultimate New York City food tour

Climb in Famous Fat Dave’s cab for a food tour made on the fly from hundreds of hand-picked sandwich shops, pizzerias, bakeries and noodle houses.
Read more… 05 April 2012

Vive l’évolution in Paris

This city has long been associated with the finer things in life. Yet the French capital is not resting on its cultural laurels, as new trends emerge in the City of Light.
Read more… 05 April 2012

Beyond the Headlines

The world's water bottle woes

Several tourism officials are fighting against the growing waste from plastic water bottles.
Read more… 04 April 2012

America's best coffee bars

From the North Carolina woods to New Orleans’ French Quarter, stylish coffee bars serve lattes and au laits brewed from the best beans.
04 April 2012

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