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Vive l’évolution in Paris

This city has long been associated with the finer things in life. Yet the French capital is not resting on its cultural laurels, as new trends emerge in the City of Light.
Read more… 05 April 2012

Beyond the Headlines

The world's water bottle woes

Several tourism officials are fighting against the growing waste from plastic water bottles.
Read more… 04 April 2012

America's best coffee bars

From the North Carolina woods to New Orleans’ French Quarter, stylish coffee bars serve lattes and au laits brewed from the best beans.
04 April 2012

Worldwide Weird

Feline fun in Japan’s cat cafes

Japan has nearly 150 cafes that house anywhere from 12 to 24 cats, but cuddling with the kitties does not come cheap.
Read more… 03 April 2012

Beyond the Headlines

The world in six cups

The most consumed beverage in the world comes in a multitude of varieties and flavours.
Read more… 30 March 2012


Celebrity chefs flock to Hong Kong

Trendy culinary wunderkinds are setting up cutting-edge restaurants in the Chinese territory, capitalizing on the local enthusiasm for vaunted international brands.
Read more… 29 March 2012


Drinks with a view in Buenos Aires

A new bar in the Argentine capital that is popular with the after-work crowd is a welcome addition to the city’s small collection of rooftop terraces.
Read more… 28 March 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Hunting for the world’s most expensive fungus

Italy and France may have brought fame and fortune to the truffle, but this rare mushroom can actually be found all over the world if you know where to look.
Read more… 23 March 2012


Food trucks are racing towards Sydney

Sydney’s late-night food scene is getting a facelift with the introduction of 10 mobile eateries, serving everything from organic pizza to modern Australian cuisine.
Read more… 23 March 2012


In LA, five eateries, one stop

Umamicatessen, an airy, 6,650sqft dining hall that serves food from five high-end eateries, is hoping to help revitalize downtown Los Angeles’s historic Broadway corridor.
Read more… 21 March 2012

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