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Canada’s wine scene is taking root

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley is benefiting from the warmer temperatures that threaten other wine regions and is producing bottles that rival the big guys.
Read more… 14 November 2011

Insider’s guide to Napa Valley and Sonoma County

Discover the local vineyards and delicious cuisine of California’s wine regions.
Read more… 11 November 2011

A bit of history in every sweet bite

From cheesecake in New York to waffles in Ghent, these six cities have at least one signature dessert to try.
Read more… 09 November 2011

Soups to sip around the globe

From pho in Vietnam to Waterzooi in Belgium, soup is a warming staple the world over.
Read more… 04 November 2011

A craft beer road trip in America’s northeast

With more than 1,700 craft breweries and with a stronghold on eight of the top 10 beers in the world, America is shedding its reputation for producing flavourless, watered-down swill.
Read more… 26 October 2011

Slow Umbria

This region has an impressive share of art and history, but it is the local traditions and way of life that make this the slow food and slow travel capital of Italy.
Read more… 21 October 2011

California’s other wine countries

Family-run wineries near the San Francisco Bay area offer brawny zinfandels, delicate Alsatian whites and estate-bottled pinot noirs, with low to non-existent tasting fees.
Read more… 19 October 2011

Postcard from Etang de Thau, France

France’s inland lagoon is a picturesque area offering delicious seafood and other culinary delights.
Read more… 18 October 2011

The Passport blog

Maine showcases sustainable seafood

During Portland’s Harvest on the Harbor festival, chefs from four of the city’s best restaurants will cook up original recipes using fish and shellfish that thrive in the Atlantic.
Read more… 13 October 2011

Worldwide Weird

Sip a catpoocino in Indonesia

Coffee collected from the droppings of an Asian Palm Civet is the world’s most expensive caffeine-jolt.
Read more… 11 October 2011

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