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Thirsty Explorer

The country that doesn’t exist

No other nation recognises Transnistria as a country, but within the sliver of land sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine, the opinion of the UN doesn’t matter.
Read more… 02 January 2014


What’s brewing in Mumbai?

For a city generally regarded as an early adopter of trends, it has been a long wait for the city to get its own Indian-style microbrewery.
Read more… 06 December 2013

Gift guide 2013: Gifts for the foodie traveller

From a bike-mounted beer delivery system to cookware that's perfect for backcountry feasts, these five items will tantalize your taste buds.
29 November 2013


Where bread is worth the dough

Sourdough has risen from a miner’s calling card to the modern urban dweller’s go-to bread, legendary around the world and iconic to the foggy city by the bay.
Read more… 26 November 2013

Thirsty Explorer

Spain's cider house rules

From the gintonic to sargadoa, the Thirsty Explorer discovers why the Basque have their own word for love when referring to food and drink.
Read more… 08 November 2013

Havana’s second revolution

As state control over Cuba’s food supply lessens, local restaurants are gaining access to previously hard-to-find ingredients, and hometown chefs are bringing their talents back.
Read more… 06 November 2013

Thirsty Explorer

Where folk songs meet Serbian criminals

Kafanas – a traditional Serbian mix of English pub and Czech beer hall – are experiencing a renaissance as partygoers grow tired of Belgrade’s increasingly mainstream club scene.
Read more… 27 October 2013


The deep rooted history of Chicago’s deep-dish pizza

Starting with an ancient culinary tradition carried overseas by Neapolitan immigrants, pizza has evolved into a Windy City icon.
Read more… 25 October 2013


The death of the French baguette?

Consumption of the Gallic staple is in steady decline, resulting in a national campaign to get the country back to the bakery.
Read more… 19 October 2013

Thirsty Explorer

In Paris, the drink that drove Van Gogh mad

Famed for turning the cafes of Montmartre into a haven for booze-addled artists, the story of absinthe – and its current revival in Paris — is as thick and cloudy as the drink itself.
Read more… 04 October 2013

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