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Travel etiquette: Eating and drinking

A list of etiquette tips, taken from various Lonely Planet guidebooks, to help you eat and drink in different parts of the world.
Read more… 19 May 2011

The Passport blog

Celebrating a week-long brewtopia

Wherever you are, tip one back in celebration of American Craft Beer Week, which lasts from 16 to 22 May.
Read more… 16 May 2011

New Zealand for locavores

Just as the climate changes from south to north in New Zealand, so do the local speciality foods of each region. Find out where to sample the best.
Read more… 16 May 2011

America’s best cocktail bars

From Brooklyn to San Francisco, have a drink at one of these top cocktail bars.
10 May 2011

A must-eat foodie checklist

If you are a serious global foodie, this list will help you decide where to go to sample some of the world’s most iconic dishes.
Read more… 10 May 2011

Revisiting Mexico City’s forgotten cantinas

A cleaner and safer city centre has given 100-year-old bars a new lease on life.
Read more… 06 May 2011

Tour the old bars of Mexico City

Clustered around the historic centre of Mexico City are hundreds of old and crumbling cantinas. Following years of neglect, the cantinas and city centre are now staging a comeback.
06 May 2011

The return of Mexico’s national nectar

Pulque, a uniquely Mexican drink, is experiencing a resurgence as younger drinkers discover the camaraderie found inside Mexico City’s pulquerías.
Read more… 03 May 2011

Budget and blowout guide to Prague

From dim sum to modern Czech, Prague’s restaurant scene is diversifying.
Read more… 03 May 2011

The Passport blog

Airports now brewing beers

Flying these days can make you want to throw back a cold one, or twelve. Though many airport bars sling the same watery suds, several spots are tapping into local microbrew scenes.
Read more… 02 May 2011

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