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Thirsty Explorer

A little liquid courage in Cali, Colombia

In the self-proclaimed salsa capital of the world, a drink that tastes like embalming fluid mixed with a spot of rum makes it easy to move to the beats of Pacific Colombia.
Read more… 14 August 2013


The Cronut spawns in London

From the Townie (a brownie-slash-tart), to the Dosant (half doughnut, half croissant) and the Duffin (a doughnut and muffin fusion), these hybrid sweets are going down a treat.
Read more… 08 August 2013

Canada’s creative island escape

A trip to the tranquil Southern Gulf Islands is one of the most popular ways to tap into a chilled-out British Columbia vibe.
Read more… 07 August 2013


Where to eat when Rome shuts down

Thanks to the economic crisis, more Romans are staying in the city this August ― meaning there are more authentic dining options for travellers to gorge on.
Read more… 06 August 2013

Leaping into Croatia’s frog leg tradition

Long associated with French gastronomy, the amphibian – whether served wrapped in bacon, smothered in a mild gorgonzola sauce or deep fried – is gaining popularity with visitors.
Read more… 23 July 2013

A gourmand pilgrimage to Scottish shores

Home to more sheep than people, the remote Inner Hebrides island of Iona is developing a flourishing slow-food scene, where gardens are only fertilised using seaweed.
18 July 2013


High-altitude dining in London

Three new restaurants have opened in The Shard, providing impressive new ways to experience the city's latest trend.
Read more… 17 July 2013


On the mofongo trail in Puerto Rico

This beloved dish pays tribute to the Caribbean island’s rich history and its embracing culture, both of which continue to permeate its food and its people.
Read more… 15 July 2013

The Passport blog

Whisky returns to the Irish Midlands

Construction has started on a new distillery that is both bringing Tullamore’s namesake spirit back home and inspiring a new generation of craft distillers in the region.
Read more… 15 July 2013

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