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Living In

Living in... wine regions

Wine regions have the weather and locations that vines and people love: sunny days, cool nights, near mountains or the sea.
Read more… 15 June 2011

Postcard from Southeast Sicily

This Italian island is home to Baroque architecture, wines grown on the slopes of Mount Etna, endless pastries and superb pastas.
Read more… 07 June 2011

Budget and blowout guide to Rome

When in Rome, don’t shop in supermarkets or eat fast food. Dodge the tourists and do as Romans do: shop in delis and markets, drink artisan beers, eat the best pizza, gelato and the cucina of Rome’s top chefs.
Read more… 05 April 2011

The perfect trip: Tuscany

With its medieval walled villages and ochre-coloured villas, set within a landscape of vineyards, cypress trees and hills rolling down to the coast, you could spend a lifetime exploring the best of Tuscany.
Read more… 10 February 2011

Postcard from Tuscany

Marina heads to Tuscany’s elite beach resort Forte dei Marmi’s culinary highlights include fritto misto, raw Chianina beef and octopus tentacles.
Read more… 27 December 2010

From gladiators to pasta: Top Roman courses to take

When in Rome, do as the Romans do from wine, language and cooking, to gladiatorial combat.
Read more… 21 September 2010

A food voyage through Sicily

The Sicilian attitude toward food is much like its character – a lot of tradition with a sprinkling of modernity. Sample Sicilian cuisine on the streets and in the markets.
Read more… 06 August 2010

Naples: Italy's southern drama queen

Few cities match the raw intensity of Naples. Adored and betrayed in equal measure, its predilection for light and shade, for intensity and immediacy, is its draw.
Read more… 03 August 2010

Venice’s back alley wine bars

Bàcari – tiny neighbourhood bars that serve up some of the city's tastiest food and wine – offer an authentic taste of Venetian culinary culture at an affordable price.
Read more… 22 February 0011

A tour of Italy’s November harvest

The culinary benefits of travelling through Italy in the late autumn.
Read more… 22 October 0010

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