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Exploring London’s coffee crescent

The area from Shoreditch in the east along to Farringdon in the west is a particularly rich seam for caffeine lovers.
Read more… 24 August 2012

The world’s most expensive dishes

From the most expensive cupcake on the planet to sushi wrapped in gold leaves and sprinkled with diamonds, who knew food could cost this much.
17 August 2012


Gourmet street food in London

Held in a 20,000sqft disused car park in East London, Red Market hosts some of London’s best guerilla grillers and roaming food stalls.
Read more… 09 August 2012

London’s hip restaurants

These restaurants experiment with avant-garde cooking, decor and mixology, making wining and dining in the British capital a chemistry experiment with a cult foodie following.
01 August 2012

Cheap ethnic eats in London

All across the English capital, restaurants serve authentic food from every corner of the globe, at incredibly affordable prices.
Read more… 26 June 2012

Olympic-standard food in East London

Go for the culinary gold in neighbourhoods soon to be swamped with visitors to the Games.
Read more… 04 June 2012

Brixton sheds its shady side

A formerly neglected market in south London is thriving thanks to a regeneration project that brought Thai, African and Mediterranean flavours to a predominately Caribbean enclave.
Read more… 29 May 2012

The art of urban foraging

Gathering food in the wild is becoming a popular pastime in cities around the world, enlightening locals to the edible delights on their doorsteps.
Read more… 10 May 2012

The Passport blog

Plugging into pop-up restaurants

Finding out about, and then frequenting, the fly-by night, word-of-mouth dining scene can be a challenge, even for the savviest travellers.
Read more… 13 February 2012

Worldwide Weird

Insect-infused cocktails

At high-end bars in the United States and United Kingdom, bartenders are crafting cocktails with ingredients like crickets, tarantulas, scorpions and even giant ants.
Read more… 15 November 2011

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