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Do genes explain Danish happiness?

The Danes are famously considered to be the happiest people in the world. Can other nationalities follow suit?
Read more… 22 January 2015

Ireland’s last seaweed spas

Making the most of seaweed since the 12th Century, Irish seaweed spas claim to soften skin, improve circulation and cure cellulite.
Read more… 23 October 2014

Hainan: China's paradise of exiles

For centuries, Hainan has been a magnet for political exiles. Today, the island is drawing exiles of another kind: refugees from the pollution and urban hustle found on the mainland.
Read more… 15 October 2014

A desert dome that inspires rock stars and star-gazers

The acoustically perfect Integratron rises out of the dusty Mojave Desert like a UFO, embodying the extra-terrestrial elements that inspired its construction.
Read more… 08 August 2014

Living In

Living in... the world’s healthiest cities

Five destinations across the globe that have excellent mass transit, ample green spaces and readily available healthcare.
Read more… 18 December 2013

Mini Guide

Mini guide to Budapest's spas

Take advantage of the Hungarian city’s thermal waters, as the Romans first did almost two millennia ago.
Read more… 26 April 2013

Spiritual celebrations in Rishikesh

Each year, the healing power of this northern Indian city attracts hundreds of thousands of travellers who seek enlightenment in the birthplace of yoga.
11 April 2013

Worldwide Weird

A tango-tempo massage in Argentina

At the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, guests can book the Porteño Tango, an 80-minute massage treatment performed in sync with the beats of Argentinean tango music.
Read more… 08 April 2013


London’s first female-only club

Grace Belgravia – where the mantra is “beauty on the inside” – is a nurturing space for women to focus on their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.
Read more… 03 April 2013

Changing lives and perceptions in Ubud

The small Balinese town has developed into a full-blown health and wellness mecca, offering services and experiences that go well beyond mastering crow pose.
Read more… 01 February 2013

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