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40 travel features tagged “Health”

Be good to yourself in Chiang Mai

Organic cafes, eco clothing boutiques and wellness retreats are popping up all over Thailand's northern city, inspired by its long-held traditions of massage and arts.
Read more… 16 October 2012

Worldwide Weird

Surround sound baths in California

The Integratron, built by aeronautical engineer George Van Tassel in the 1950s, is a sound chamber precisely tuned to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.
Read more… 10 September 2012


East London’s pop-up bathhouse

Inspired by a local Victorian bathhouse that closed in 1986, the Barking Bathhouse is a low-tech and sustainable version of a modern day luxury spa and bar.
Read more… 23 August 2012

Worldwide Weird

Toe reading at a Scottsdale spa

At the CopperWynd Resort in Arizona, guests can book a special toe reading session – similar to palm reading -- for insight into their existing personality traits and their life path.
Read more… 31 July 2012

America’s healthiest cities

In these destinations, active lifestyles intersect with delicious food, making it easy for travellers to plan a trip that is both healthy and extremely fun.
16 May 2012

Beyond the Headlines

The etiquette of Japanese onsen

Japan’s more than 25,000 naturally-occurring mineral hot springs help power 3,000 spa resorts across the country.
Read more… 09 March 2012


Celebrity treatments in Los Angeles

Keeping up appearances is crucial in Hollywood, so Tinseltown has a variety of ways to help its famous residents stay fresh-looking and camera-ready.
Read more… 22 February 2012

Honeymoons for spa-lovers

Wedding planning certainly tests your tolerance for stress. After your aisle-walking days are behind you, bring on the relaxation at these wellness destinations.
Read more… 15 February 2012

The world's best spas

Unique, regional treatments offer top-notch relaxation, from Maori rituals in New Zealand and healing mineral waters in Pennsylvania to Turkish baths in Rome.
20 December 2011

The Passport blog

The flu is a frequent traveller

As winter rolls in across the northern hemisphere and the holiday travel season forces us into close quarters with others, here are some tips for keeping the bugs at bay.
Read more… 19 December 2011

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