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Honeymoons for spa-lovers

Wedding planning certainly tests your tolerance for stress. After your aisle-walking days are behind you, bring on the relaxation at these wellness destinations.
Read more… 15 February 2012

The world's best spas

Unique, regional treatments offer top-notch relaxation, from Maori rituals in New Zealand and healing mineral waters in Pennsylvania to Turkish baths in Rome.
20 December 2011

The Passport blog

The flu is a frequent traveller

As winter rolls in across the northern hemisphere and the holiday travel season forces us into close quarters with others, here are some tips for keeping the bugs at bay.
Read more… 19 December 2011

Soaking in Iceland’s social scene

The country’s geothermal swimming pools are the centre of the Icelandic social scene, where news is exchanged while bodies are warmed and relaxed.
Read more… 12 December 2011

Beyond the Headlines

Searching for Florida’s fountain of youth

With its sunny beaches, vast system of freshwater springs and enticingly storied history, it is no wonder the myth of eternal youth lives on in Florida.
Read more… 04 November 2011

Worldwide Weird

Bucking bronco fitness in Texas

Though mechanical bulls are usually associated with western bars, the Travaasa Austin hotel and spa started a one-of-a-kind “Bull Fitness” class to whip visitors into shape.
Read more… 01 November 2011

Worldwide Weird

A fish feast for smoother skin

While fish pedicures are commonplace in Asia, a few more adventurous spas worldwide are offering full-body treatments, with nearly 800 critters nibbling hard-to-reach places.
Read more… 18 October 2011

Budget spas and curative waters in western Ukraine

In the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, where medical tourism began, resorts are still visited by thousands looking to treat various conditions.
Read more… 10 October 2011

Arizona’s healing powers

Once known as a land “where rain seldom falls and there is no cold”, and an ideal place to treat tuberculosis, the southwestern US state has a rich history of therapeutic restoration.
Read more… 26 August 2011

The new hammam: Morocco’s luxury scrubdowns

A new breed of hammams aims to make the local experience more accessible, by adapting Moroccan tradition to Western sensibilities.
Read more… 08 August 2011

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