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Bath from above

An elevated guide to Britain’s most beautiful city.
Read more… 12 July 2011

France’s newest national park

The limestone cliffs and inlets of Provence’s Calanques will be the first park since 1979 and it is on the doorstep of the country’s second largest city, Marseille.
Read more… 11 July 2011

Bhutan’s unknown east

When the Bhutanese government opened up the region of Merak Sakten in 2010, it also opened up the chance for regular travellers to become pioneers.
Read more… 22 June 2011

World's most spectacular pedestrian bridges

Pedestrian bridges are going to cool new heights, turning the need to get from here to there into an adventure.
22 June 2011

Beyond the Headlines

Interview with a Sherpa guide

Guide Karma Sherpa has led groups up Mt Everest since 1995, a year before the mountain’s worst disaster.
Read more… 27 May 2011

Nepal’s shrinking Annapurna Circuit

In less than a year, a road will turn one of the world’s most challenging treks into a short hike in the Himalayas.
Read more… 27 May 2011

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit

The 250-kilometre trail in Nepal features traditional-style tea houses and high Himalayan peaks.
26 May 2011

Walking Great Britain’s great coast

From English rambles to Scottish strolls to walking coastal Wales, these routes take you along beaches, bays, coves and cliffs.
Read more… 26 May 2011

Vancouver Island’s wild side

The West Coast Trail is located in one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and remote regions on the continent.
Read more… 25 May 2011

Hiking the West Coast Trail of Vancouver Island

The fickle, demanding and boot-stealing hike along the edge of North America.
25 May 2011

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