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One of WWI's bloodiest frontlines

It’s hard to imagine that Slovenia’s Soča Valley, a land of aquamarine river rapids and dense emerald forests, was once the site of WWI’s Isonzo Front, where 1.7 million soldiers died.
Read more… 20 January 2015

Return to Sri Lanka, 10 years after disaster struck

When Tal Abbady first visited the Sri Lankan town of Hikkaduwa, it was reeling from the devastating Boxing Day tsunami. This year she returned to see how it has changed.
Read more… 26 December 2014

Father Christmas' Mediterranean island escape

Little is known about the neglected, earthquake-shattered buildings on Turkey’s mysterious Gemiler Adasi, the island where St Nicholas escaped persecution in the 4th Century.
24 December 2014

Stockholm’s strategic Cold War stronghold

The archipelago’s southernmost island was once home to a terrifyingly intricate – and nearly invisible – system of state-of-the-art military installations. Only a few survive.
Read more… 19 December 2014

A rare look inside Budapest’s Yellow Star Houses

Exploring the buildings that housed Jews for a brief time during the Holocaust offers a window on a tumultuous period.
15 December 2014

A journey deep inside Spain’s temple of cave art

Walk – and crawl – through El Castillo cave to see the 40,000-year-old painting that has scientists questioning the origins of human creativity.
Read more… 19 November 2014

In Ireland, hiking for ancient relics hidden by fog

Few others have been devoted enough to traverse the grey, barren Maumturk mountains.
Read more… 06 November 2014

Fictional Footsteps

Inside the haunted prison of The Shawshank Redemption

The cavernous old Ohio State Reformatory is eerie enough to give you chills – even if you don’t hear the clanking of cell doors and prisoners’ cries.
Read more… 30 October 2014

Fictional Footsteps

Chile through Pablo Neruda's eyes

More than 40 years after his death, the Nobel Prize-winning poet might be more popular than ever, with thousands of admirers exploring three of his homes each year.
Read more… 28 October 2014

Words & Wanderlust

Following the Silk Road to the end of China

Stanley Stewart travels across the wilds of Central Asia, not for gold or conquest, trade or empire, but to explore the outer fringes of the imagination.
Read more… 27 October 2014

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