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A literary pilgrimage through the streets of Dublin

Walk through Ireland’s capital in the footsteps of its novelists, poets and playwrights -- beyond its most-loved son, James Joyce.
Read more… 07 September 2012

The walled cities of Spain

Throughout the centuries, Spain has been the stage of many clashes between civilizations, with the constant battling leading to many cities being born as fortified strongholds.
30 August 2012

Mini Guide

Mini guide to Kafka’s Prague

In the Czech Republic capital, follow in the footsteps of famous writer Franz Kafka from his birthplace to his gravesite.
Read more… 29 August 2012

Exploring LA's neon past

Thanks to a community of neon artists and a museum dedicated to the preservation of the art, an electric glow still illuminates many vintage landmarks on Los Angeles’ urban landscape.
Read more… 23 August 2012

The Passport blog

Celebrating Petra’s storied past

Exactly 200 years ago this month, the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, was rediscovered by Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt.
Read more… 17 August 2012

Fantastic historical dive sites

World War II shipwrecks, ancient ruins, statues and frescoes create an underwater art gallery you need to be a scuba diver to enjoy.
15 August 2012

The Passport blog

Drawing on experience: Rome

Have book and pen, will travel.
Read more… 10 August 2012

Trekking to Colombia’s Lost City

Only accessible by a 44km trek through inhospitable jungle terrain, visiting Ciudad Perdida gives travellers the chance to live out their Indiana Jones fantasies.
Read more… 01 August 2012

The splendour of Sicilian antiquity

In the fertile lands of this Italian island a legacy of diverse cultures, locally-harvested food, religious celebration and myth lives on.
31 July 2012

China’s kung fu revival

In the shadow of China’s legendary Shaolin Temple, the ancient Chinese martial art of kung fu is experiencing a renaissance of industrial proportions.
19 July 2012

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