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Meteora, Greece’s city in the sky

Balanced across 24 giant rock formations that reach nearly 400m into the sky are ancient monasteries, visible through the clouds.
Read more… 15 July 2011

Beyond the Headlines

Speakeasies, moonshine and gangsters

US Prohibition left behind plenty of colourful history for travellers to explore today.
Read more… 08 July 2011

The golden age of caravanning

Trailer travel took off as a leisure activity in the 1920s. Of course, "leisure" was a generous term — early trailers were primitive and labour-intensive.
07 July 2011

The greatest historical journeys

Pack your compass, shoe your donkey and follow in the footsteps of famous wild explorers.
Read more… 07 July 2011

Top five ancient wonders in Rome

A lifetime is not long enough to see all Rome has to offer. Start at the beginning of history, with ruins, frescos and churches that have stood the test of time.
Read more… 06 July 2011

The Passport blog

Stay in historic hotels, connect with history lovers

Two new websites are helping travellers explore iconic destinations from US history in more depth.
Read more… 06 July 2011

Experiences that make time stand still

The world will seem to stop spinning as you sail slowly down the Amazon, see the Serengeti National Park by balloon or crouch within a whisper of mountain gorillas in Rwanda.
Read more… 06 July 2011

Sites that shaped Britain's future

Ten remarkable places across the UK where you can relive the dramatic events that took place there long ago.
Read more… 06 July 2011

Travelling to New Orleans, now and in 1858

New Orleans has reinvented itself time and again, but the French Quarter remains the Southern Queen’s distinctive heart.
Read more… 05 July 2011

The Passport blog

Eating through United States history

A Washington DC pop-up restaurant, America Eats, offers a new take on American classics while celebrating native ingredients and long-forgotten dishes.
Read more… 04 July 2011

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