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The sacred and the pagan in Ethiopia’s greatest kingdom

Towering obelisks hewn from single stones stand in the ancient city of Axum, a land steeped in biblical history.
04 July 2013

Visby, Sweden’s summertime haunt

In-the-know Swedes head to Gotland, a secluded island 90km east of the mainland, to reconnect with their country’s medieval roots and Viking heritage.
28 June 2013

An American fiefdom in Mexico

In the late 1800s, a US governor made his fortune in Mexico’s Batopilas silver mines, turning the town into his own personal kingdom.
26 June 2013

Mexico’s abandoned sanctuary

Lonely Planet photographer Dominic Bonuccelli treks to the lost cathedral of Satevo, a long-neglected mission on the banks of the Batopilas River.
24 June 2013

The mysterious cliff dwellers of Mesa Verde

The inhabitants of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains vanished long before Europeans arrived, but the canyon palace they left behind rewrote the history of the American West.
21 June 2013

The ancient Spanish ritual of baby jumping

A centuries-old tradition held each June in the small town of Castrillo de Murcia involves jumping over mattresses of baptised infants to cleanse their original sin.
18 June 2013

Jaffa, an Israeli city in flux

The 4,000-year old port is experiencing a cultural regeneration, but as the bohemians, boutiques and bistros move in, the secular city is striving to preserve its down-to-earth charm.
Read more… 17 June 2013

Walking in Inca footsteps in Peru's Sacred Valley

Encompassing what was the fertile homeland of the Inca Empire, the transcendent region – often overlooked en route to Machu Picchu – is steeped in Andean history and culture.
Read more… 17 June 2013

A pilgrimage to Ghana’s slave forts

The fortified trading posts along Ghana’s coast are full of wreaths left by visitors who come to honour the millions of African slaves, searching for answers, belonging and roots.
Read more… 13 June 2013

The Passport blog

Celebrate the Acropolis’ extraordinary past

Through 31 August, explore the epic myths and tragic history behind the 2,500-year-old Acropolis at Athens’ Hellenic Festival.
Read more… 06 June 2013

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