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Ten must-see events in March

From Las Fallas to Mardi Gras to Nowruz, here are 10 fascinating, festive celebrations taking place around the world this month.
02 March 2014

Beyond the Headlines

The biggest Carnival to date?

With 2014 marking the first of two very important years for Brazil, BBC Travel went behind the scenes with some of the city’s largest and most popular samba schools.
28 February 2014


World’s biggest fireworks display?

Dubai sets its sights on a Guinness World Record with a New Year’s display of epic proportions.
Read more… 30 December 2013

Festival lights around the world

From Hogmanay in Scotland to Nepal’s Balachaturdashi, light plays a starring role in holidays across the globe, brightening skies, spirits – and travel itineraries – alike.
24 December 2013


A bizarre bazaar in Brooklyn

For a side of ping pong and mini golf with your holiday shopping, head to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar’s new Greenpoint home.
Read more… 16 December 2013

BBC Travel's 2013 gift guides

These tried and tested must-haves are sure to make every traveller’s wish list. Happy holidays, adventurers!
Read more… 29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Gifts for the eco-traveller

From a 10-day trip in the Peruvian rainforest to stylish luggage made of cork, these five items will convince you that there’s no need to sacrifice in the quest to go green.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Gifts for the budget traveller

From a mini scale that helps avoid excess baggage fees to a 10-day trip through the Cambodian countryside, these five items will satisfy any wallet-conscious wanderer.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Gadgets

From a camera that takes high-tech shots with old-school glamour to lenses that amp up your iPhone, these five items will please even the most tech-savvy traveller.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Luggage

From a cork messenger bag that feels like suede to an anti-theft travel bag, these five items will get you where you want to go in style.
29 November 2013

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