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Gift guide 2013: Gadgets

From a camera that takes high-tech shots with old-school glamour to lenses that amp up your iPhone, these five items will please even the most tech-savvy traveller.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Luggage

From a cork messenger bag that feels like suede to an anti-theft travel bag, these five items will get you where you want to go in style.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Books

From a bible for budget travellers to several taste-tripping tales of culinary love, these five items will inspire any armchair adventurer.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Experiences

From a bike trip through one of India’s most majestic states to a Canadian gourmet kayaking getaway, these five ideas will turn into vacations you'll never forget.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Gifts for the adventure traveller

From a waterproof camera that even an expert photographer would love to a paddleboard that fits in the overhead compartment, these five gifts make it easy to take the world by storm.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Gear

From a luxury trailer wrapped in aircraft-grade aluminium to stylish earphones made of earth-friendly materials, these five gifts will keep you going while on the go.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Gifts for the foodie traveller

From a bike-mounted beer delivery system to cookware that's perfect for backcountry feasts, these five items will tantalize your taste buds.
29 November 2013

Gift guide 2013: Gifts for the luxury traveller

From the gift of serious travel bragging rights to a retro cool portable travel bar, these five items will please even those with the most lavish tastes.
29 November 2013


In Paris, a new spin on Bastille Day

Whether you choose traditional or alternative festivities to celebrate 14 July, there is something for everyone to make sure the day – and night – goes off with a bang.
Read more… 12 July 2013

Independence days around the world

While the US celebrates with hot dogs and fireworks, freedom festivities can take many forms.
04 July 2013

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