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Gift guide 2012: Luxury traveller

From gold-plated headphones made from stain resistant leather to a 22-day private jet tour of the world, these items will please even the deepest-pocketed wanderers.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Eco-traveller

From a repurposed vintage Swiss Army duffle bag to an app for finding charitable acts around the globe, these items will keep eco travellers feeling good as they do some good.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Budget traveller

From luggage that is ergonomically designed for backpacking to the perfect lock for hostel stays, these items will keep even the most wallet-conscious traveller on track.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Adventure traveller

From goggles that can screen phone calls and track a skier’s speed to a phone that functions in extreme weather, these items will impress even the most ambitious explorer.
07 December 2012

Gift guide 2012: Foodie traveller

From a 10-in-one bartending tool to a camping stove that also charges your phone, these items will satisfy any culinary craving.
07 December 2012

Worldwide Weird

Strange Santa sightings in Switzerland

After the jolly old fellow competes in the World Santa Claus Championships, he makes an appearance at Klausjagen – or “chasing the Claus” – a ritual of light and sound.
Read more… 04 December 2012

Worldwide Weird

Giant gingerbread houses across the US

From California to Missouri to Minnesota, the tiny holiday decoration is practically life-sized.
Read more… 28 November 2012


London’s winter wonderland

Running until 6 January, Hyde Park’s annual outdoor Christmas fair and market will bring festive cheer to even the most Scrooge-like visitor.
Read more… 26 November 2012

Beyond the Headlines

A boom in same-day hotel booking apps

If a flight delay unexpectedly leaves you stranded overnight this holiday season, these mobile booking tools may help you nab a last-minute deal.
Read more… 22 November 2012

The Passport blog

The 2012 Thanksgiving travel race begins

With some key tips, tools and reminders, one of America’s busiest travel times doesn’t also have to be the most tormenting.
Read more… 21 November 2012

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