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Luxury in Kenya

If your idea of the dream safari involves formal banquet dinners, fine liquors and elegant table settings, then break out the credit card for the trip of a lifetime.
Read more… 08 December 2010

Glamping: Camping for glamorous people

When you ‘glamp’ you get get all the nature but avoid the discomforts of roughing it in the wild.
Read more… 22 November 2010

Seoul’s 24-hour luxury spas

Go from saltwater pool to hot sauna and add on a scrub or massage in one of the city’s stylish spas.
Read more… 29 September 2010

Vegas glitz without the gambling

Enjoy the high-roller lifestyle with no chips, no cards, no problem.
Read more… 13 September 2010

Lonely Planet's top 10 glamorous A-list destinations

Where the super rich and famous — and those who like to think they are — go to get away from it all.
Read more… 10 September 2010

Luxury cabanas to see and be seen in

In the age of bottle service and VIP rooms, the luxury cabana has become a status symbol at resorts and hotels.
Read more… 23 August 2010

Lonely Planet's top 10 ways to burn cash in Dubai

Multicultural, materialistic and moving forward at a staggering pace, Dubai went from sleepy trading port to skyscraper central and is the very model of a tolerant Arab state.
Read more… 03 August 2010

Best airports of the world

The world’s best airports ranked by the World Airport Awards, and where to shop, spa, work or surf the internet before or between flights.
Read more… 03 August 2010

Lonely Planet's top 10 dream business destinations

If location is not important to your business trip, go somewhere for that hard bout of negotiation where there is little except the natural world to distract you.
Read more… 03 August 2010

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