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Verdi's surprising muse

2013 marks the bicentennial of the legendary Italian opera composer’s birth, making it a perfect time to explore the remote countryside that saw his beginnings as a musician and a man.
Read more… 10 October 2013

Medellin’s emerging music scene

In Colombia’s Andean foothills, one of the cities’ hottest bands, Los Coffee Makers, puts on an impromptu roof performance.
07 August 2013


Mumbai’s homage to the musical greats

Starting 12 July, the three-day Bandish festival honours India’s legendary composers as the country’s most acclaimed classical maestros perform renditions of their works.
Read more… 12 July 2013

The secret powers of Sufi sounds

Arabic folk music has evolved over the centuries, but Moroccan mystics still use it to chase away evil spirits and heal the sick.
03 July 2013


Matinee jazz in a Manhattan parlour

Each Sunday, locals and visitors flock to the free concerts at Marjorie Eliot’s uptown New York residence.
Read more… 20 June 2013

Finding your rhythm in Vienna

From Mozart to marching bands to balls and boy’s choirs, for most visitors, often the most difficult part is cutting through the noise to find the music scene that suits them best.
Read more… 29 May 2013


The rise of Dubai’s variety clubs

Following the success of Beirut’s infamous MusicHall and London’s raunchy The Box, Dubai’s new wave of club owners are quickly cashing in on decadent late night fun.
Read more… 27 March 2013

Mini Guide

Mini guide to New Orleans nightlife

With a legendary jazz scene, a thriving theatre district and bars with centuries’ worth of acclaim, the largest city in Louisiana does not rest for much.
Read more… 15 March 2013

Worldwide Weird

Sailors sing-off in landlocked Krakow

The annual International Sailing Songs Festival brings more than 200 singing sailors to the Polish city in February to celebrate the art of classic sea shanties.
Read more… 19 February 2013

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