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How one man changed Tango forever

No other genre of music seems to sum up the passion, the beauty, the sex and the attitude of Buenos Aires so perfectly. But the Tango we know is not always the Tango that was.
28 March 2014


Rock around the clock in Buenos Aires

The best small clubs and bars where Argentine rock bands battle to make a name for themselves.
Read more… 11 July 2012


Buenos Aires’ must-see music event

Every Monday a mix of locals, expats and tourists dance to the hypnotic rhythms of La Bomba Del Tiempo, a percussion-based band that improvises each of their shows.
Read more… 18 January 2012

The tango Buenos Aires tourists never see

After the touristy dinner shows conclude each night, the dancers migrate to community centres and dance halls to join in one of multiple milongas taking place.
Read more… 23 November 2011

Anyone for tango?

This iconic dance is experiencing a revival in Buenos Aires, as both locals and foreigners are swayed by its enticing rhythm.
Read more… 21 September 2010

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