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32 travel features tagged “Photography”

Show us how you see the world

Travel isn't just about finding a new view, it’s about developing a new viewpoint. Submit a photo of a view that inspired you see this world a little differently, or to see more of it.
Read more… 22 May 2014

A lesson in travel photography

Lonely Planet photographer Dominic Bonuccelli heads to Colombia’s Caribbean coast for a tutorial on what makes a good picture.
03 August 2013

Beyond the Headlines

Best travel tech in 2012

A selection of the year’s most innovative websites, mobile apps and photography gear.
Read more… 27 December 2012

Worldwide Weird

Earth’s most otherworldly sites

From Fly Geyser in Nevada to the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan, few places garner the status of being completely surreal, as if from a different planet.
18 December 2012

Hunting the Aurora in Finland

This winter is one of the best opportunities to see the northern lights in the next 12 years, and a few hotels and tours have been designed to increase your odds of seeing them.
Read more… 03 July 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Pro photographers reveal their top travel gear

From road-tested tripods to essential photo-related apps, we asked a few well-travelled professional shutterbugs to weigh in on the best gear for snapping photos.
Read more… 09 April 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Taking photographs of people

With many travellers surreptitiously snapping photos of locals without their permission -- or even knowledge -- what is the most appropriate way to get that perfect shot?
Read more… 26 March 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Pro travellers reveal their top tech tools

From camel-proof cameras to airport-navigating apps, these are the tools full-time digital drifters use while on the road.
Read more… 08 March 2012

Children around the world

From Africa to China, explore the cultures of different countries through the lives of today’s youth.
01 March 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Expert portraits in touristy spots

Vacation portraits – where independent photographers offer to snap group photos at public attractions – got a digital twist with the founding of
Read more… 23 February 2012

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